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Katanagatari Shichika Hitei by Conradi
Katanagatari Shichika Hitei

Hitei comforting Shichika over Togame.

I recently watched Katanagatari and loved it from start to finish.

But the adventure doesn't stop there, does it? 

I, for one, would love to have seen the next adventure with Shichika and Hitei- and I do believe a good story could be written revolving around their cartography story. Lots of possibility for adventures there. 

Could it be called "Cartography Story"? So like, "Chizu sakusei no monogatari" (地図作成の物語)? Or "map story" (Chizugatari / 地図語) ? 

Also, Hitei is of course the descendent of a Japanese person (at least I THINK that Kiki Shikizaki is?), but they make a point of noticing her hair and eye-colour being strange, so is she at least mixed with caucasian??
Hanami Hanako by Conradi
Hanami Hanako
This was my idea for not-identical twins, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of identical twins, so did the extra sketch of the look on the top right-hand corner.

Narsak twin sisters.
Ko au by Conradi
Ko au
Mālō ‘etau lava!

I am very inspired by South Pacific and Maori culture. I wish I could visit more often and for longer than the short time I did.

This image was inspired by Tonga. The colours aren't traditional or anything, just felt like using pink- ended up looking like the 90's, damn. Plus the original colours are a lot more subtle, they become harsh through scanning and the screen. AH well.

Anyways, Tonga is a wonderful place, and the people are absolutely lovely.

Except for getting robbed in my sleep and having to stay for longer through charity until I got a special permission to enter NZ to get an emergency passport, but that's besides the point.

Mālō ‘aupito,‘alu ā!
Feizhi and Isaac by Conradi
Feizhi and Isaac
I don't mind Isaac/Jenna, but I've always had a soft spot for these two, especially considering how Feizhi travelled great distances to find Isaac and give him a special golden ring that has a deeper meaning. I always figured Feizhi should have had a bigger role: feels like she was supposed to be the wind adept in the second game, but was scrapped later. I might be wrong but- a bigger role nonetheless.

Anyways, in my headcanon, Feizhi moves to Vale to help rebuild the town after the end of The Lost Age and works as a Chi/Kung-fu instructor for children and adults, and the relationship between her and Isaac picks up from there.

This is Feizhi  teaching Isaac Xian's Chi.

In recompense, Isaac teacher her Ki and ways of harnessing her Psynergy. I'd imagine Sheba and Ivan would have helped her a bit as well, whenever they'd be in Vale.

Lmao I need to stop being so lazy with my backgrounds.

Hope you enjoy anyway! <3
Imil winter market by Conradi
Imil winter market
In time for the winter holidays, did a small piece with Mia and Piers taking a walk at the Imil winter market while drinking mulled wine.
In my headcanon, Piers moves to Imil. <3

Sorry about the background again, lol.
So some drawings have trickled in and so has this entry since I have found some time.
Gets to be sorta unmotivational to not have my scanner handy since I started uni besides being busy. Plus I'm sorta scheptical as to the amount of hours I'd have to spend to learn any CG stuff, but I guess it's just a matter of sitting down one day to really get a hold of the initial ropes I suppose.
In any event, I thank everyone who've followed this slow-ass, pencil-using deviant right here =P
For those whom are checking my page out, enjoy!

Thank you and have a nice day everyone! <3
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Odi et amo
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